240Solutions is built on the premise that, when we do our jobs well, an organization should not need us after 12-18 months of partnership. To support our assertion, we developed an apprenticeship program for key organizational leaders called the 240Academy.

The 240Academy develops your key leaders in the 240Solutions method for building and sustaining an organizational culture of belonging, vulnerability, and shared purpose. The apprenticeship program allows key leaders in your organization to learn and develop alongside 240Solutions’ experts. The 240Academy will help your leaders grow from the simple adoption of people-first leadership to the understanding and mindset of human-centered design for a healthy organizational culture. Our apprenticeship program will also equip your key leaders with the resources to confidently execute an organizational culture impact strategy.

The 240Academy is our highest level of organizational partnership, and includes the benefits of the 240Culture Diagnostic, 240Experience, and the 240Impact Strategy.

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