Change Your Culture, Change the World

We are on a mission to CHANGE THE WORLD. Our BELIEF in organizational CULTURE goes that deep.

A key part of understanding the culture of any organization is understanding how to measure it.

  • The 240Solutions Culture Diagnostic is designed to take a snapshot of any organization's culture. You can read more about our Culture Diagnostic methodology below.
  • The short story - over the past year we have had organizations of all different types take the diagnostic and the results have consistently proven to be accurate in helping understand and diagnose an organization's culture.

So whether you're a for-profit business, a K-12 or higher education institution, a not-for-profit, or even a church, we invite you to join our mission by taking the first step.

Change Your Culture, Change the World

What’s Included

  1. The 240Culture Diagnostic with two "qualifying questions" customized to your organization. We will provide everything you need to send and collect the diagnostic from your organization. 

  2. Free results analysis: upon completion of the Culture Diagnostic, we will meet with your organization’s senior leadership to view and discuss the data analysis report generated from the 240Culture Diagnostic output.

Culture Diagnostic Methodology

The 240Solutions Culture Diagnostic focuses on measuring how your team or organization is doing in the three main areas that are proven to lead to increased employee engagement:

  1. Individual belonging and safety
  2. Team vulnerability
  3. Shared purpose

We will share out the diagnostic in the form of a survey with your selected team members and analyze the results by pulling out the categorical averages for your organization to find the strong and weak points. We will also identify individualized issues that may exist throughout the organization.

The culture diagnostic will give you a snapshot/baseline measurement of your organization or team culture.