Consulting Solutions

Organizational Culture

"Culture eats strategy for breakfast."
     - Peter Drucker

Our proven approach to culture development and sustainability will increase your confidence and not leave you hoping you got it right.

Strategic Change/Transformation

"You have to change dramatically to stay the same."
     - Milo Rediger
Change is inevitable but navigating change successfully is an art. We will help you take the guesswork out of your change initiatives.

Metrics for Success

"What gets measured gets done...for a little while."
     - The Four Disciplines of Execution.
Stale metrics can be as detrimental to data-informed decision making as a poor culture. We will help you identify "living metrics" that mitigate expired information and maximize human potential.

Retention Strategies

"Communication leads to community...that is, to understanding, intimacy, and mutual valuing."
     - Rollo May
Employee and customer retention are essential and predicated on community. Share more than a logo with our input on strong retention programming rooted in community.