Culture Diagnostic

Culture Assessment

The 240Solutions Culture Diagnostic focuses on measuring how your team or organization is doing in the three main areas that are proven to lead to increased employee engagement:

  1. Individual belonging and safety
  2. Team vulnerability
  3. Shared purpose

We will share out the diagnostic in the form of a survey with your selected team members and analyze the results by pulling out the categorical averages for your organization to find the strong and weak points. We will also identify individualized issues that may exist throughout the organization.

The culture diagnostic will give you a snapshot/baseline measurement of your organization or team culture. The 240 Solutions team is here to assist your organization with recommendations for future follow-up and organizational cultural initiatives. 

3 Simple Steps to Get Started

step 1

Step 1 - Determine how many diagnostics you will start with for your team. We recommend at a minimum surveying the greater of 1) 15 employees or 2) 35% of your workforce / department / team. For the most impactful results, we recommend full organizational participation in the culture diagnostic coupled with an organizational discovery. 


step 2

Step 2 - Purchase the number of diagnostics determined for your team/organization and complete checkout. We will follow up within one business day with details for sharing the survey out with your team. 


step 3

Step 3 - Upon completion of your organization's diagnostics, we will produce a report offered in written form as well as an opportunity for our team to share with you the results in a virtual meeting. This typically occurs within 3-4 weeks after your employee survey is sent out.