Culture Diagnostic

240Culture Diagnostic

COST: $2,500 ($240 deposit + $2,260 invoice) up to 150 employees. **if your company is larger than 150 employees, please contact


The 240Culture Diagnostic is a tool designed to produce a baseline measurement of your organization's human experience. Our diagnostic focuses on measuring three areas that have been demonstrated to increase ⬆️ employee engagement:

  1. Belonging - rightly placed and valued in a position.
  2. Vulnerability - transparent to the point of risk.
  3. Shared Purpose - shared reason for doing or creating.


  1. In collaboration with a key member of your organization, the 240Culture Diagnostic is sent out as an electronic questionnaire to all employees. The questionnaire takes an average of 10-min to complete.
  2. After the data has been collected, we then analyze the results by looking for strong and weak points, being sure to identify and flag any outliers. We also note potential issues that may exist within pockets throughout the organization.
  3. Lastly, a 240Solutions team of experts will meet with your organization's designated team to share and discuss the results to identify potential causes and offer meaningful solutions to be considered.

Next Steps:

  1. Choose your meeting month.
  2. Pay your $240 deposit.
  3. Check your email for next steps.

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