Leader Development Series

94% of those who complete our program enthusiastically recommend the 240Solutions Leader Development Series!!

~ Matt Yielsa ~
"I completed the entire program, and I never once left thinking 'I didn't need to hear that.' Every single week has challenged me at some level, and gotten my mind more actively thinking on leadership principles."



It is often easiest to understand a thing by first learning what it is NOT.

  • This is NOT a front of the room presentation.
  • This is NOT a talking head to which participants sit, listen and denote a presenter's wisdom.
  • This is NOT a classroom environment. 

The 240Solutions Leader Development Series is an interactive growth experience that leans into the knowledge that participants bring into the room with them on day one. Like love, leadership has been experienced by everyone on the planet. Good or bad, we each possess an understanding and assign a definition to what leaders should or should not be. 

Although our team is highly educated about organizational leadership and leadership theory, our approach is to hear the participants voice more than our own. Using open-ended questions, breakouts, brain-dump activities, and more, each individual will discover the content they need for their personal development. 

~ Tim Chan ~
"240Solutions Leader Development Series was an incredible journey for me. I have learned so much from the program, and I loved every second of it. I love how it teaches you to look at yourself first, so you can lead others. I especially loved implementing hard skills to use in our work place."



In short, any human looking to level up in their ability to lead people effectively will benefit from this series.

The content path for our Leader Development Series is outlined to take participants on a journey of self-reflection, research, practical application, and tangible skill development. That said, our program is for both the 101 and expert level, as it is designed to build on what each participant already brings to the conversation.


~ Danny Curry ~

"240 solutions cares about you as a person...and that will motivate you to lean in and get the most out of the transformational learning experiences they provide so masterfully."




Closed cohorts (series that are purchased by a company for their people) are hosted within the organization's facilities or at an offsite location in the Indianapolis area provided by 240Solutions.

Open cohorts are hosted in Carmel, IN at the COHatch location on Main Street. 

~ Ross Steele ~
"They do an amazing job by making each series interactive. It allows each individual to feel value and true participation in the workshops."



A company can partner with 240Solutions to develop groups up to 15 people within their organization for $10,000 ($1,000 deposit, $9,000 invoiced).

Open cohorts are $750/seat, with referral incentives for registered participants who register a friend or colleague, too. For more information on referral incentives, please email referrals@240solutions.com.

~ Rachel Stuart ~

240Solutions has helped me deepen my leadership and think people, first. Throughout the series, I (and others) noticed positive changes in my leadership."