Partner With Us

What does it mean to partner with 240Solutions? 

The 240Solutions team has worked with companies of all sizes across many industries. The work that we do is relevant to any company/industry because we address the root of what makes culture great - the people within. Want to learn more? Read more about why people-first leadership works

Partnering with 240Solutions

Any organization that is seeking to understand, evaluate, and improve its culture can partner with us. The first two steps to becoming a 240 Partner are: 

  1. Complete a culture diagnostic for your organization. Read more about the process here
  2. Complete an organizational discovery. 

As a 240 Partner, you become part of our people-first network of partners and receive discounts on all of our people-first pathways.  You also have the benefit of always having a built-in team to help support your organization's people-development efforts.