The 240 Team

"Hope is not a strategy."

- James Cameron 

Every organization hopes for a "good" culture, but few are intentional about what their culture is and understanding why it exists. We excel at helping organizations enhance the employee experience by defining the what, why, and how of their desired culture...because hope is not a strategy.

Years of workshops, retreats, coaching, and mentoring have equipped the 240Solutions team with the knowledge and passion to partner with organizations to architect culture. Our methodology integrates whole brain learning, adult learning, and cognitive behavioral therapy techniques that result in a transformative experience.

Our Team

Scott Pittman - Partner

 Scott Pittman headshot

I serve 240Solutions by helping organizations intentionally develop their greatest resource - their people. Organizational culture is more than just a catch phrase or a "nice to have" in organizations. It is the crux of what makes good organizations great. But there's even more to it than that - I believe that when you create change within organizations and help them lead people-first, you change the world that we live in. 

I've spent my career leading others using a people-first leadership approach. I'm passionate about sales, marketing, and helping companies pursue the right kind of growth. Some of my focuses include training/development, entrepreneurship, and coaching/mentoring. I believe people are important and relationships are what makes life worth living.

Sarah Spangler - Partner

Sarah Spangler headshot

In my professional experiences, without exception, in every company, there is a tension that lies in the space between efficient processes and effective methods. And in that space, there is a leader who has a choice to lean on their trust and value for people or their trust and value for things like tradition, policy, speed, diplomacy, data, and pressure. 240Solutions was created to come alongside these companies and their leaders to help choose their people.  I have the privilege of using my passion for designing experiences and processes that support our mission of helping companies operate by seeing every employee as a person, first

My greatest fulfillment is found in the moments where ideas are generated, accepted, and deployed; when employees are seen – truly seen; when improvements are created by turning conflict into opportunity for innovative solutions; and when leaders take the steps to do the “next right thing.”  I look forward to seeing these things happen in your company, your culture, and your community.

Adam Binkerd - Founding Partner

 Adam Binkerd headshot

Since 2012, I have faithfully led teams with one goal in mind, elevate others. I have learned that that every solution I need as a leader already exists within those I lead if I have the courage to seek and trust their input. I genuinely believe that every human being has a specific value to bring to their greater community; a value that transcends experience, socioeconomics, ethnicity, education, and all other differentiators, and that originates in their humanity.

In January of 2021, I realized that my purpose to elevate one’s humanity was compelling me to abandon the traditional comfort and safety of employment to build an organization that valued people at the highest level and helped others do the same. I started 240Solutions to make a meaningful difference in the way business is done, to do what is right not what is easy, and to elevate people. Let’s partner together and access the magic your people are waiting to bring to your organization.