What We Do

We partner with organizations who understand that their employees are their greatest resource. We help define the culture of the organization...and then put strategy behind it to take organizations from idea to implementation using our data-centered people-first approach.

Leading organizations using people-centered leadership strategies has been shown to increase productivity and grow profitability.

  • Culture Diagnostic

    Complete Cultural Diagnostic with your entire organization and get a customized report with a follow-up virtual meeting with the 240 team.

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  • Culture Diagnostic + Organizational Discovery

    Complete Organizational Culture Diagnostic with your entire organization and an Organizational Culture Discovery.

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What Our Partners Are Saying:

Danny Curry, Executive Director of Development, Chick-Fil-A Saxony

240Solutions cares about you as a person, first and foremost. And that will motivate you to lean in and get the most out of the transformational learning experiences they provide so masterfully. I enthusiastically recommend 240Solutions to every organizational leader who wants to make a significant investment in the development of their people!

Ashley Shelby, Accounts Payable Manager at Kingdom Roofing Systems

What 240Solutions has brought to our company is vision and an amazing opportunity for our leadership team look past surface issues and really bring growth to the roots of our company. The team dynamics offsite meetings for our leadership staff have given us tools for culture that we didn't know we needed.

Implementing personality, in-depth characteristic tests, talks, and questions are helping to build a better team and an ownership mentality. 240Solutions is helping us grow individually through understanding our own strengths and weaknesses, not by telling us who they think we are but by helping us get out of our own way for self-discovery. This strategic way of learning has been so rewarding, and it helps us take what we have gained and give back to our staff.

240Solutions has taken the time to seek out what was really stopping our growth and killing our company culture. They are not a cookie cutter company, they are
a real, innovative, and multifaceted company whose main objective is to help people know who, what, why and how to be the best leader, teammate, and self.