What We Do

We partner with organizations to provide effective, engaging, and interactive programming to improve employee engagement and retention. A partnership with 240Solutions takes the pressure of having meaningful, in-house employee development programs off of your organization and allows your teams to focus their attention on the mission of the business. 

Our rich development programs will hardly feel like work for those involved because we prioritize both impact and laughter! To back it all up, we created a tool to measure our impact on your organization, the 240Culture Diagnostic, which produces data for us to help you create purposeful human-centered strategies using metrics specific to the human experience.


We started this company to change the world by helping leaders find success with their people. We don't deny the reality that we also want to make a good living, but the heart of this business is a genuine belief in the value of people. What better way to change the world than to concentrate our efforts on improving the environment where people spend nearly 1/3 of their lives?


Improve your team's culture, cohesiveness, productivity, and propensity to innovate in this interactive experience!

💲💲 REFERRAL INCENTIVES AVAILABLE...email ➡️ referrals@240solutions.com

Leader Development Series

Enroll team members in a mixed group or purchase a private series for your team or organization.

💲💲 REFERRAL INCENTIVES AVAILABLE...email ➡️ referrals@240solutions.com

240Culture Diagnostic

$2,500 up to 150 employees

Measure the human experience in your organization by quantifying 3-key components demonstrated to increased employee engagement.

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